Make Room
For What Matters

Michelle Passoff

Author of LIGHTEN UP! Free Yourself From Clutter

Make Room For
What Matters

Decluttering 55+

Consulting & Roundtable Discussions

By the time folks reach 55+ they are likely to have accumulated not only physical “stuff’ but excess baggage of all kinds.

The roundtable discussions are unstructured conversations that will enable participants to express what type of clutter they have and what is in the way of eliminating it  – from emptying overstuffed closets, overcoming resistance to healthy exercise and eating, to lassoing time for passions in life.

Perhaps the moment has come to redesign your home to stay in place or pack to move. Organizing your finances to support your goals and the very act of writing your will and making final arrangements doesn’t signal the end but creates an opening to a future that is free from confusion and fear.

This exchange of ideas is provocative and designed to free you to live this next chapter of life boldly and for the fun of it – creating a legacy, not a mess.

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Meet Michelle

Michelle Passoff, the author of LIGHTEN UP! Free Yourself From Clutter (HarperPerennial), has been a clutter consultant since 1991 and has led seminars and workshops on letting go of too much ’stuff’ as a life management tool throughout the U.S., U.K. and Australia.

Historically, Michelle has said that it is neither good nor bad to have clutter, but that cleaning it when you are ready opens space to clarify and achieve goals.  If you are not ready her best advice has been to go to the beach instead.  For the 55+ community, her words of ‘wisdom’ are different: Ready Or Not, she says..  Her point of view is that cleaning clutter in the mature years of your life will invigorate it and set the stage to create a legacy, not a mess.  She is currently researching and writing a book that is intended to compel folks to come out from behind the veil, address what may have been overlooked or avoided and clarify the road ahead so that peace prevails.

Michelle is currently a public speaker, workshop leader. and private clutter consultant. For many years, she owned an estate sale company  in Tampa Bay, Florida with her husband, Andre Kupfermunz, and prior to that was a publicist in New York City. 

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